A book dissecting the  implications of red lips on gender, fame, history, and money.

Book One
Red Lips: A History
A look into the influence of iconic wearers of red lips throughout history. Icons discussed include Queen Elizabeth I, the maikos of Edo Japan, Nefertiti, Madame de Pompadour, and Coco Chanel.

︎ Excerpts from Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

Book Two
Rouge Université
A collection of portraits and an insight into how wearing red lips can change perception depending on the individual.

︎ A closer look at the portrait series

Book Three
A photo essay on Marilyn Monroe, an icon for red lipstick. A visual biography on her life in Hollywood and the expectations of hyper-sexuality and its associations with rouge.

Book Four
The Cost of Red
The cost of beauty is high. I interviewed the salespeople of luxury and affordable beauty brands and sought to understand the patterns of cosmetic buyers.